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Business registration taking too long? Register your business at Cruz-Caymo Partners & Associates for a waiting time of only 3 days prior to the approval of the document.

CP&A assist with the formation procedure, planning, and registration with the relevant government agencies such as SEC, DTI, BIR and other Philippine government agencies.

Business name registration is compulsory and must be completed before the business starts operating. In putting up a business, there are several government agencies you have to register with depending on the type of your business. To help the client with the business registration, CP&A prepares and facilitate all the steps and procedures in the registration.

If the client is sole proprietor, first step is to apply for the business name registration certificate. CP&A staff let the client accomplished business name registration form, TIN no. and list of five business names ranked according to preference. After the issuance of DTI business name certificate, apply for the Mayor’s/Business Permit to the local municipality where the business is located. This requires accomplished business permit application form, DTI business name certificate, sketch of the business location, Fire and Safety Inspection clearance, sanitary permit, Barangay clearance, lease contract, and 2×2 pictures. Then, get business TIN no in BIR, SSS certificate, and DOLE registration. All these procedures are handled by CP&A and properly coordinated with the client. Same procedure for partnership and corporation applies except that there are more requirements needed for them.

After accomplishing the DTI certificate of registration, next step is to apply for BIR certificate of registration. Procedure is to accomplish BIR Form 1901, together with birth certificate or any valid identification showing name, address and birth date, mayor’s permit and DTI Certificate to the Revenue District Office having jurisdiction over the registered address of the business establishment. Then the RDO will issue the Certificate of Registration (Form 2303).